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Welcome to Kefalonia Greece and the Kefalonia Greece Travel Guide, an independent guide to "unpackaged" Kefalonia for the experienced traveller and for the first time visitor. Whether you enjoy walking, cruising, horse-riding or just want to unwind, you will find a refreshing selection of articles on Kefalonia and ideas on ways to enhance your stay on Kefalonia.  The Kefalonia Travel Guide helps to single out the essential elements which make your holiday an individual experience. Use the Kefalonia Travel Guide Directory to contact suppliers direct for a personal service not always available on a package holiday. Follow here for an Introduction to Kefelonia

Assos Villas in Kefalonia

Kefalonia regulars love to talk about their favourite island and plan their next visit! We welcome you to use the Kefalonia message boards and chat room where you can discuss Kefalonia topics with our many site regulars. Kefalonia Regulars

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If you have just returned from Kefalonia, another Ionian island or anywhere in Greece why not add your comments to our popular message boards and if you plan to return, then you are sure to find some new places to visit and some new Kefalonia travel ideas. Kefalonia Message Board

Kefalonia Travel Guides

 Kefalonia Resort Guide

 Kefalonia Beach Guide

Myrtos beach - Kefalonia

Our website feature. Use our Kefalonia Resort Guide to view detailed reports for each location on Kefalonia to help you to decide where to stay. Kefalonia Resort Guide

Sami Beach - Kefalonia

Kefalonia boasts some of the best beaches in Greece so whether you prefer a long sandy beach with water-sports or a tiny secluded cove, use our Kefalonia Beach Guide which describes the wonderful beaches on Kefalonia. Kefalonia Beaches

Kefalonia Map

Kefalonia Food and Drink

Map of Kefalonia

The most detailed online map of Kefalonia available, drawn specially by Francesca from the Kefalonia Travel Guide team Map of Kefalonia

Tavernas in Kefalonia

Eating out in a local taverna is one of the joys of a holiday in Greece and in Kefalonia there are many local specialities including the famous dry white wine made from the Robolla grape. Kefalonia food and wine, awaits!  Kefalonia Food and Drink Guide

Kefalonia's Wildlife Flora and Fauna

 Kefalonia Accommodation

Kefalonia Wildlife Flora and Fauna

Mount Ainos is Greece's third largest mountain. It is one of Kefalonia's national parks and its stunning dark pine forests are home to wild ponies, golden eagles, osprey and other protected species. Marine wildlife on Kefalonia's shores includes dolphins, rare monk-seals and the loggerhead turtle "Caretta-caretta".   Kefalonia Wildlife, Flora and Fauna

Kefalonia Accommodation

For Kefalonia holiday accommodation not generally found in the mass market holiday package brochures, from simple village rooms to luxury villas with private swimming pool, see our Kefalonia Accommodation Guide: Kefalonia Accommodation Guide

Captain Corelli's Kefalonia

 Monasteries, Churches and Cemetaries on Kefalonia

Captain Corelli's Kefalonia

During the summer of 2000 the town of Sami received a Hollywood facelift as filming took place for Captain Corelli's Mandolin set in war-time Kefalonia. Anyone who has read the book will delight in visiting some of the places in Kefalonia mentioned in the book. Captain Corelli's Kefalonia

Monasteries, Churches and Cemetaries on Kefalonia

The 400 year old patron saint of Kefalonia now lies in his silver sarcophagus at the monastery of Saint Gerassimos. Visit the old monasteries and modern day churches from Greek Orthodox to Catholic on Kefalonia. See also British and Greek cemeteries and Italian war memorials. Kefalonia Monasteries and Churches

Kefalonia Exploring and Adventure

Kefalonia Lakes and Caves

Kefalonia Exploring and Adventure

Once voted 10th in a world scenic beauty league, Kefalonia is an island to be explored.  Read our handy hints and advice so that you do not miss a thing on Kefalonia to visit! From Driving selected routes around Kefalonia, walking trails and goat paths, by horse, or underwater diving. Discover the natural beauties otherwise unseen on Kefalonia. Kefalonia Exploring and Adventure

Kefalonia Lakes and Caves

If beauty is from within, then Kefalonia is a fine example with its well documented and strange geological phenomena which are manifested in its vast underground water network, subterranean lakes and stalactite encrusted caverns! Wherever you stay on Kefalonia, it is easy to visit the centrally located caves of Drogarati and the underground lake of Melisani. Kefalonia Lakes and Caves

Kefalonia Cruising and Water Sports

Kefalonia Island Hopping

Kefalonia Cruising and Water Sports

There's no doubt the coast is clear for some wonderful cruising and water sports around Kefalonia. The crystal clear Ionian waters await your arrival.   Take a traditional wooden caique to a secluded beach or cruise on a luxury motor cruiser around Kefalonia. Maybe you would prefer your own small motor-boat or the excitement of water sports! It's all in our Kefalonia Cruising and Water sports guide

Kefalonia Island Hopping

There are 7 Ionian Islands: Kefalonia. Zante(Zakynthos), Lefkas (Lefkada), Ithaka (Ithaki), Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos and Kythira.
Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands with Zante (Zakynthos) to the south, Lefkas (Lefkada) in the north and its sister island, Ithaca (Ithaki) a few miles off its eastern coast. North of Kefalonia, near Lefkas, there are many smaller islands, such as Meganissi, Madouri, Skorpios, Skorpidi, Thilia, Tsokari, Sparti, Heloni. Wherever you go on Kefalonia you should be able to see another island in the distance whether it is one of the tiny islets such as Dias near Avithos and Vardiani near Lassi in the south of the island or scenic vistas across the Ionian sea to the Ionian islands beyond. The larger islands are connected by ferry-boat and some by water-taxi. Others are only reached by cruiser, yacht or motor-boat. Kefalonia Ferry Connections. Islands near Kefalonia

Weddings on Kefalonia

Activity and Special Interest Holidays on Kefalonia

Weddings on Kefalonia

Getting married in Kefalonia Greece combines the advantages of a wonderful climate and a wedding organised at a greatly reduced cost - all just a few hours' flight away. Couples combining their wedding and honeymoon in Kefalonia Greece can not only reduce the cost of the wedding but the more relaxed atmosphere may help in reducing the stress that is so often associated with getting married! Why not choose Kefalonia for your wedding? Kefalonia Weddings

Activity and Special Interest Holidays on Kefalonia

If you prefer a holiday that is not centered round a Greek beach, then take a look at some of the activity holidays available on Kefalonia: sailing, walking and horse-riding holidays which can be booked through a tour operator or with the local operator on Kefalonia. Activity and Special Interest Holidays on Kefalonia

Kefalonia Greek Life

Buying Property or Land on Kefalonia

Kefalonia Greek Life

For those searching for an inside perspective to Greek life in Kefalonia - without the tourist angle. We visit Toula and Nikolas and find out how two locals live. Greek Life

Buying Property or Land on Kefalonia and real estate

Planning on buying an Island near Kefalonia? You may be surprised to learn that there are still some islands for sale! Not Kefalonia, but if you are related to the Onassis family or have similar wealth, these pages are for you! For the rest of us with smaller pockets, you will find all you need in our Kefalonia Real Estate Agents Guide

Kefalonia Castles and Villages

Kefalonia Travel Guide Directory

Kefalonia Castles and Villages

Throughout the island of Kefalonia there are attractive villages and the remains of two castles dating back to Byzantine times. Read more about the rebuilding of Kefalonia after the 1953 earthquake which destroyed most of the island. Kefalonia Castles and Villages

Kefalonia Travel Guide Directory

An A-Z of services to be found on Kefalonia. The list is endless and ever-changing and open to everybody who wishes to list their specialist service on this website. Kefalonia Directory

Tour Operators to Kefalonia
You will find here all the tour operators to Kefalonia large and small - and some that even the local's didn't know were here! Kefalonia Tour Operators

Travel Arragements on Kefalonia
The travel agency section for agents arranging accommodation, flights, transfers and local taxi services. Kefalonia Travel Arrangements

Shopping, health and Beauty on Kefalonia

 Kefalonia, Exploring By Car

Shopping, health and Beauty

Kefalonia Shopping
Whether you are seeking an unusual souvenir or present from Kefalonia, or just want to know where to stock up for your holiday provisions, use the Kefalonia Shopping Guide

Health and Beauty on Kefalonia
While you are on your Kefalonia holiday, you will have time to think about pampering yourself! View our Health and Beauty on Kefalonia Guide

Kefalonia is an island to be explored by car. Read our handy hints and selected routes around Kefalonia before you hire a car. Find out where on Kefalonia to Rent or hire a car. Also, a must read, driving in Kefalonia and helpful driving hints. Exploring Kefalonia by Car


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